Hi! I am Elliot Davis.

Web Developer. Disney lover. Baker.

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About Me

Well I'm a web developer, a programmer. I am really passionate about my programming, I have spent 5 years doing it. If I have an idea or I see something online and I think "I wonder how they did that" I will sit down and code it out.

Before University I had never coded before, I played a lot of games as a kid and found it so fascinating how a bunch of lines of code could produce something so fun and pleasing to the eye, this fueled my ambition to learn to program at University. There I learned about Web development and discovered the intriguing design process of making a website, the details of what goes on behind the page and the psychological aspect of keeping a user interested enough to stay on the site.

In my spare time other than coding I like to bake. My signature item to bake is shortbread, it's simple but it makes my friends and family happy to eat it.

Skills and experience

I've picked up a few things in my time programming, you can see below all the programming languages and tools I've become accustomed to and use very regularly throughout my day to day with either my job or on my own personal projects.

  • laravel
  • boostrap
  • mysql
  • webpack
  • css
  • vuejs
  • jQuery
  • php
  • codeigniter
  • wordpress
  • visual studio code
  • github
  • sass
  • javascript
  • html

My recent work

Here are some projects I have been working on for my job and as my own personal ones.


Asda Mobile

Development. Front-end UI/UX. Vus.js. Bootstrap. Back-end. Rest APIs.

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Youtube Clone

Development. Front-end UI/UX. NuxtJS. Tailwindcss. Rest APIs. Media Storage. Html Video

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NatWest Cricket

Development. Front-end UI/UX. Bootstrap. Back-end.

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Development. Front-end UI/UX. Back-end. Data Security. Mobile Apps

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Carphone Warehouse Business

Development. Front-end UI/UX. Back-end Commerce

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Contested Histories

Design. Development. Wordpress. Front-end

Recent Blog

A tutorial on how to get a server side rendered Nuxt.js application running on AWS Lambda using the serverless framework with a custom domain.

A css solution to containing an image within a flex grow container with a fixed height flexbox without extending the size of the container.

A tutorial on how to implement a frontend build for a user to enable and disable two factor authentication with Laravel Fortify.